Every GP practice is required to have a Patient Participation Group (PPG). The Marisco Patient Group is the PPG for Marisco Medical Practice. 

Unlike many PPG's we do not believe in restricting membership to a select few. Our aim is to recruit as many members as possible so that we can ensure a representative voice for Mablethorpe and the surrounding areas. The practice has 14,000 patients and we currently have 136 members - so we have some way to go!

The constitution dictates that we have a committee, which is voted in each year and which comprises 11 members. Because we are an active group, we do ask that our committee members actively participate in the growth of the group and the services we provide. For normal members, whilst you are welcome to all our meetings (closed committee aside), we ask nothing more than you share your views as is appropriate

 Pam Cutts



Pam is originally from Kent but has lived in Edinburgh, Nottingham, Cirencester, back to Kent again, before moving very happily to Sutton on Sea in 2016.

She has worked as a Science Technician in Hospitals, Schools and University. A break from Science took her to the canals as a Hotel Boat Owner and Operator. 

Kim Hoey

Deputy Chair


A Brummie by birth, Kim moved up from Redditch in 2015. Her background is in healthcare support services  and she enjoys finding solutions and making life better for people.

She is actively involved with a number of groups in the area including RNLI, Residents Association and The Gardening Group.

And our other superhero volunteers and committee members are equally eclectic with interests ranging from meditation and yoga, to disco dancing and Blur to fine art and history. We'd love you to come and join us and add to our skills and interests !

Jan Dye



With a background in nursing and care work, Jan originally hails from Bristol.


She moved to the area in 2013 - supposedly to retire, but is now actively involved in the community. Her passions include: local history; WW2 aviation and her dog Muttley.

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